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Tarot Card Reader


This world is full of mystery. Questions that cannot be answered by man who has achieved leaps and bounds in science and fact.

Yet, there exist certain energies that guide our eternal path. A chosen few, blessed with powers, can help one bridge this gap.

Understand your Past, Mould your Present and Direct your Future.

Get your Tarot Card Reading done today.



Kriti Khanna, a top tarot card reader with a decade of experience, is a Chartered Accountant aspirant by profession.

While she is doing excellently in her professional field, she finds herself drawn more towards the spirit of Tarot every passing day.

Even before she learnt about Tarot Card Reading, she was known to have a deeper connection with the spiritual energies.

These energies drew her close to the Tarot Cards and then one day she found her self immersed in the art of Tarot reading.

She read numerous books and took multiple courses on Tarot Reading conducted by renowned readers.

Today she stands strong with years of experience in the field behind her and a multitude of people who she has helped.

Everyone of these people have come smiling back to her again, more than once.



Readings on the Go

Instant Reading - Single Question: Rs. 300
Quick Reading - Three Questions: Rs. 600
Mini Reading - Upto 15 Minutes: Rs. 800

Thorough Readings

Reading Includes: Past, Present, Future and Environment analysis.
Suggestions against your specific problems or questions.

Upto 30 Minutes: Rs. 1200
Upto 60 Minutes: Rs. 2400



To request an appointment, please e-mail: or call: +91 98339 62109.

Kriti Khanna is available for in person readings at St John Baptist Rd, Mount Mary, Bandra West, Mumbai (India).

In case of location constraints, readings can be done on phone or video conferencing.

Please consider taking appointments a few days in advance as immediate appointments may not be available.

** Readings are scheduled based on prior appointments only **